Mass Production

At Demis, our slogan is “Innovation in Wood”. Woodworking technology always continues to improve and change and we work to move with it. We integrate the automation of some processes to help ensure accuracy and increase the efficiency of things such as label placement, advanced precision cutting and drilling, and wood shaping. We partner with innovative companies who are on the forefront of manufacturing equipment to develop machinery that can enable us to provide the best price to our customer. We our dedicated to being pioneers of the woodworking industries.

In addition, we structure our skilled labor using Kaizen and Lean manufacturing process to ensure the factory is being run as effective as possible. We operate on multiple production lines with the help of over 100 skilled craftsmen.

  • 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Multiple production lines
  • Automated machinery for increased accuracy and effeciency
  • Local labor force of over 100 skilled craftsmen

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